Goals and Objectives

The overall objective of this action is to boost modernization of Belarus and the competitiveness of the Belarusian society through elaboration of the useful and implementable reform proposals bringing in the necessary understanding of the reform priorities by government, business and political opposition and civil society, as well as by the wider public.

Specific objectives of the action are:

*To develop reform proposals which are objectively useful for the Belarusian society; implementable (in particular by the current Belarusian government), lie within the areas in which the EU’s knowledge-transfer will create high added value, realistic for the capacities of the Belarusian expert communities.

*To equip stakeholders (government, business and political opposition and civil society) with reform proposals within the priority areas that are identified in the framework of the Stakeholders’ Forums.

*To promote public discussion regarding modernization paths for Belarus through information campaign and public events organized within the action. Elaborated reform proposals, research outcomes and policy recommendations will serve as a basis for the discussion.

*To strengthen the capacity of the Belarusian analytical community through the expert dialogue:  Belarusian experts’ visits to the EU and inviting EU experts to Belarus to share their knowledge and best practices.

*To provide consolidated proposals for the filling of the Joint Interim Plan.