Digital Technology and Security Systems

By | August 23, 2019

The digital revolution is well underway in the security industry. In fact, the security industry has been one of the consistent innovators in the technological revolution. The present is a world where many new options are available and the future holds even more promise.

Today’s systems have many simple, but meaningful, improvements that make home security convenient. Many security systems can now be turned on and off with a key fob; the same way most people arm their car alarm. When a security system is attached to home lighting, this means that the homeowner can enter a well-lit house instead of a dark home where getting one’s bearings takes a moment or two.

Integration with telecom and Internet technology has made security systems more flexible and powerful than ever they were. In the past, an alarm had an effective range that coincided with the volume of the alarm system’s warning device. Today, an alarm brings a rapid response from the monitoring center, calls to the homeowner and police and multi-faceted alerts given by the alarm itself. All of the electronically driven parts of this response take place at literally light-speed, which means that no burglar is fast enough to get away.

Mobile phones have been integrated into many of these systems, as well. As people move more and more away from landlines, alarm companies have responded by not only making their systems mobile-friendly, but by adding features that are possible because of the mobile technology itself. Forgot to arm your alarm on the way out? Arm it from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone. This kind of flexibility is invaluable to those who do a great deal of travel. Of course, a mobile phone means the alarm service can contact you wherever you happen to be should they find themselves in need of your assistance.

Personal alarm devices are incredibly liberating for those with debilitating conditions. A fall out of a wheelchair or down stairs can leave some people incapacitated and unable to reach a phone. Security devices that allow them to signal for help with a device kept on their own person is a great source of peace of mind. Many alarm systems allow the residents to speak with the monitoring center directly through the alarm itself, which means getting to a phone is not necessary and that a helpful voice can be found anywhere in the home.

Add to all this the fact that many security systems incorporate both wired and wireless parts and you have a situation where the technology is not only vastly improved over past models, but one in which installation is easier than ever. Professional alarm installers are now able to work with the designs of even the most unusual houses, with far less modifications to the structure than used to be required. Wireless means that sensors can be placed throughout the house, easily guarding every window and door without having to run wire to each and every separate location.